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Mission Statement


In the field of paranormal investigations, there aren’t any professional investigators. There are only paranormal researchers, as we are always learning. There are, however, investigators that can be professional. Our mission is to assist those who are dealing with a paranormal disturbance, in professional manor. We take paranormal investigating seriously and will treat each and every investigation as such. We understand the importance of discretion and will make every effort to protect our clients to the best of our ability. We never charge a cent to assist those in need, and never will. Our promise is not make assumptions, but to simply scientifically investigate and then review the findings with the client. We do not use Ouija boards, conduct seances, or condone any type of provoking whatsoever.


Our Services

Note: Our services are free, unless we are selling tickets to a public event.

  • Private Investigation
    • Our team comes to your location and conducts a paranormal investigation. No outside guests are invited. The investigation, including setup, usually lasts about 6 hours. We leave the location as we found it, leaving no trace that we were ever at the location. Liability waivers and confidentiality agreements are signed and turned over to the property owner or representative. Once evidence is quickly reviewed, we will setup a time to review the evidence with the owner or representative.


  • Public Investigation
    • Historic locations wishing to receive additional funds to aid in the restoration of the location itself, can use us to conduct public paranormal investigations. We handle the ticketing and marketing of the event. Once the event is complete, most of the money collected is turned over to the property owner. We only keep a very small amount, to cover travel costs, batteries, and processing fees. On the day of the event we collect liability waivers from all attendees. We give a short presentation that will aid the guests in understanding the investigating rules and procedures, and give a short history of the location itself. We will allow the use of some of our equipment during the investigation.


  • Classes and Presentations
    • We offer hands on classes on how to conduct a proper paranormal investigation. The class is a presentation that explains the different theories surrounding paranormal occurrences, different types of equipment used, how to review evidence, and some evidence collected from past investigations. The presentation is followed by a question and answer period, to make sure everyone feels comfortable about what we do. The presentation is not only a great opener for a public investigation, but it is also age appropriate enough that it can be given in a school classroom.